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Sav's Kitchen presents Daawat-e-Diwali



Let's start with the welcome drinks.
As you know I love to play with flavors and colors and try new things, so here I have tried to do something different with the drinks. I hate following the conventional route in doing things, hence experiment with different stuff! Instead of using only vanilla ice cream, I have made drinks with other flavors too like Butterscotch Ice cream and Strawberry Ice cream. Have made combos of Guava and Strawberry, Butterscotch Ice cream and Strawberry Ice Cream, Kokum and Orange, Grape and Strawberry and lastly, Orange and Strawberry.

Spiced Strawberry

Sunset Delight

Grape Strawberry Cooler

Guava Strawberry Frizzler

Orange Koka Punch

Scotch Berry Twist


For starters, I wanted to make something different. First I thought of making Paneer Tikka and Corn Cheese Balls but then was not happy with the idea as this is so regular stuff, so after some deep thinking, I came up with the idea of Matar Paneer Kebabs, Nawabi Kebabs happened because of them and then I also thought of giving the salad a little twist, so came up with Cheesy Dilkhush Tacos, a kind of cocktail between salad and starter.

Cheesy Dilkhush Tacos

Matar Paneer Kebabs

Nawabi Kebabs

Main Course

Biryani is something that has to be a part of my Daawat. I LOVE Biryani! Pineapple Raita is also my favorite.I have made two completely different gravies for Paneer - Hariyali Paneer and Paneer Makhani.
Shahi Korma has a lot of veggies, a very subtle and rich gravy.
And then I realized that Mushrooms were missing, so made Methi Malai Khumb Matar, once again my favorite.
Now I didn't make any Dal and all cause that is the last thing I would go for while there are so many more interesting options. You see healthy stuff and me don't gel well ;)

Dum Biryani-e-Khas

Pineapple Raita

Shahi Korma

Methi Malai Khumb Matar 

Hariyali Paneer

Paneer Makhani


Now when you are inviting people for a Daawat and preparing so many items, its OK if you get some ready made stuff from outside if you want to keep a lot of variety in your deserts too but what matters most is how you present the deserts in a customized way, instead of handing over ice cream just like that you can serve it with sauces and nuts but I somehow like to do a little more.
I got the following things -
Strawberry Ice Cream
Butterscotch Ice Cream
Vanilla Ice Cream
Double Chocochip Cake
Red Velvet Cake
Rich Fruit Cake
Date and Walnut Cake (Kindly note all are dry cakes, I mean non-cream)
Crunchy Muesli - No sugar added
Bourbon Biscuits
Chocolate Bar
Mini Gulab Jamuns
Mishti Doi

With Mini Gulab Jamun, Boondi and Mishti Doi, I made Mishti Jamun Tarts.

With the rest of the ingredients I played around and made a few things - Nine Treasure Delight, Trio Ice Cream Cake and Ice Cream Cake Tarts. It was so much fun and pleasurable too ;)

Mishti Jamun Tarts

Navratan Khazana

Ice-cream Cake Tarts

Trio Ice Cream Cake

Hope you enjoyed my Daawat :)

Wish you a very Happy Diwali and a propersous New Year. Have fun and Njoi :)

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