Monday, August 18, 2014

Rose Kheer

Rose Kheer

Kheer is a sweet dish made with rice and milk. One of the favorite's among Indian households.

Kheer is extremely easy to make. I have given a little twist to the regular Kheer by adding Rose essence and the outcome was yummy ;)

Ingredients - 

1 cup rice soaked in 2 cups of water for 2 hours

1 tin of condensed milk - Milk Maid
1 cup of milk, you can add more if you feel its less
50 gms pistachios shredded
50 gms raisins
1-2 drops of Rose Essence
1-2 drops of Rose food color
1 tsp cardamom powder
Rose petals to garnish (optional)


Heat a pan, add the rice along with the water, add cardamom powder so that it gets a nice flavor, let it cook till the rice is done.

Add milk, then add pistachios and raisins and cook till the rice is mixed well with the milk.

Add condensed milk and cook till Kheer becomes thick in consistency and gets a good texture.

Kindly note, I have not added sugar because the condensed milk is already so sweet that there is no need for sugar.

Let it cool, add the essence and color and milk well.

Place it in a bowl, garnish it with pistachios, raisins and rose petals and keep it in the refrigerator till serving time.

Enjoy :)


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