Monday, October 14, 2019

Diwali Special Desserts by Saveen Kaur

Make your Diwali sweeter with these desserts!

I love Diwali, the festival of light, colours and lots of yummy food! The tradition of meeting friends and family and exchanging sweets, cleaning and decorating your house, making rangoli, lighting it up with diyas to making delicious sweets is what makes this whole experience so enriching and amazing! 

So I thought of sharing the best 9 desserts with you all from the blog that you can make at your home and delight your family, friends and guests when they come over for lunch or dinner.

Very simple and easy recipes which hardly take any time because the least you want is to be stuck up in the kitchen and miss out the fun right! 

So lets get started!

1. Rice Kheer

A delicious pudding made with Rice, Milk, Sugar and Dry Fruits!
Rice Kheer is so simple to make and most of all, loved by one and all 😊

2. Rose Kheer 

I have given a little twist to the regular Kheer by adding Rose essence and the outcome was yummy ;)

3. Suji Ka Halwa 

Suji Ka Halwa is a sweet dish commonly made in Indian households on special occasions.
It can be eaten just like that for breakfast or you can serve it along with Hot Puri. Tastes amazing.

You can also serve it along with lunch.

4. Rose Phirni 

A super yummy Indian dessert made with Rice, Milk and more to delight your taste buds and gratify your soul!

5. Besan Ki Panjiri

Besan Ki Panjiri, a delicious sweet dish made with gram flour, ghee, sugar, cardamom and dry fruits.

6. Zarda Pulao

Zarda Pulao is so easy to make and so yummy to taste!
Zarda Pulao are sweet rice which I love to make during special occasions.

7. Rabri 

Rabri is made with Milk, Sugar and more! It is one of my favourite desserts 😍😋
You can pair it with other desserts like Jalebi, Gulab Jamun, Malpuas or also relish it just like that! 
I love indulging in it either ways!

8. Rose Rabri 

I love this variation of Rabri! I had paired it with Vanilla Cake, trust me it tasted divine!

9. Apple Rabri 

Have given a new twist to regular Rabri with Caramelised Apple, do try it!

Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures above, I am sure you will enjoy making and serving it too and then be ready to receive all good good compliments too 😊

Happy Diwali in advance my lovelies 😘

Happy Cooking Happy Relishing 😊

Love 💕

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