Monday, May 13, 2019

Apple Rabri by Saveen Kaur

Happy Fifth Birthday to Sav's Kitchen πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽˆ

I can't believe I had started this blog 5 years ago! It seems like yesterday. So even though I started blogging in 2007 but then had stopped blogging after some time when I had joined stock market, it was in 2014 that I started blogging again and have never stopped since then πŸ˜‡

Sav's Kitchen will always be my special baby (aka blog) ❤️ 

It has given me a lot by opening my doors to new avenues, meeting new people and gave me a platform to unleash my creative side πŸ˜‡
 I couldn't be more grateful for starting this blog and then gradually venturing into the food industry.

I always wanted to do something food connected since I was in college but didn't know how and when I would do that ( I was studying Finance and International Marketing ) and I am so glad that it started with Sav's Kitchen though I had never planned it like that but then it was a natural, slow and gradual progression that led to Sav Bakes πŸ˜‡

There is a long way to go though, the journey has just begun πŸ˜Š
On this happy happy note I am sharing the recipe of one of my favourite Indian Dessert, Apple Rabri with you all. So So Yummy!

Recipe - 

Ingredients - 

1 litre milk
1/2 tsp Cardamom powder
3 tbsp sugar ( you can add more or less depending on the sweetness you want )
2 tbsp Dried Cranberries
2 tbsp Flaked Almonds
2 tbsp Pistachios 
1 Apple

Method - 

Heat milk in a Kadai till it thickens. It will take two hours or more. You need to be patient. 
When it starts thickening, then at the end, mix in sugar and cardamom powder.
Remove it from flame and mix in the Caramelised Apple ( read below to know how to make them) , Dried Cranberries, Pistachios and Flaked Almonds.
Pour it in a serving bowl and garnish it with thinly sliced Apple, 3-4 slices, Cranberries, Flaked Almonds and Pistachios. 
Let it cool. 

How to make Caramelised Apple - 

In a non-stick pan, add thinly sliced and peeled Apple, add 1-2 drops of water and sprinkle 1 tsp sugar or more as needed and mix in well. 
Cook for 2-3 minutes till they turn brown and juicy and then keep it aside.
Make this when Rabri is almost done.

Eat after two three hours, it will taste absolutely divine.

So whenever you want to serve, make it two three hours prior for the flavour to enhance and you can always thank me later after eating the yum yum yummy Rabri and also relishing the compliments you will get from whomsoever you serve this Apple Rabri!

Happy Cooking Happy Relishing 😊

Love πŸ’•

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