Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Rose Phirni by Saveen Kaur

Rose Phirni

Well nobody is perfect, neither am I, we all make mistakes but what matters is how we rectify our mistake and still make things happen. While making this yummy dessert, I royally goofed up! Making phirni was an impromptu call by my cravings! Normally if I an in a mood to eat something sweet, I call it over at home if I am not in a mood to go out which happens rarely, but certain things are not available at your beck and call sometimes, specially a dessert like Phirni so I thought how about making it my self, its easy. So I go in the kitchen and soak rice. Now while making it, I need milk so I open the fridge and guess what there is not enough milk! Damn me for not checking my inventory but in any case I go ahead with preparing the dish, you see when I wanna do something, I really do it, yes I am a little stubborn. Ok so now while making guess what happens, the rice paste gets thick and there are fat lumps and I don't have milk to make it fine, cry cry :( Mum enters the kitchen, sees the situation and heartlessly asserts, throw it, nothing can happen now, have it tomorrow, since its night and the store is shut so no possibility of getting milk. But you know what, as I have just told you how stubborn I am, actually I'll call this positive determination, you know "Never Give Up Attitude," that's me, so I try a little experiment, I boil water and add it to the rice paste and milk mixture to see what happens. Look in any case the mixture is in bad shape, almost gone case so a try would either mend the situation or what can be more worse when it is already in a worse situation. So never give up and keep trying till the last resort! Guess what happens, I add boiled water, the mixture starts getting even, lumps settle, and I chuck out one fat lump off my mixture and my Phirni is back on the Phirni way! Clap, clap ;) Mom surprised at my Phirni, gives a smile and says well done. She is the first rat in my kitchen laboratory to check on my experiments, lol ;)

So lessons to be learnt -

Before cooking anything please check your inventory if all the ingredients are available.

Never give up on what you truly want!!!! Never Never Never be scared of failure, after all we are all humans, not God to be perfect. And by the way I hate being perfect, you see there is not much scope left for any growth if your perfect, perfection means you become stagnant and eventually wither off except for God haan ;)

Now I'l tell you how to make this yummy dish -

Serves 6-8


1 cup basmati rice, soaked in water for an hour, ideally 3 hours is good.
3/4 th liter milk
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1-2 drops rose essence
1-2 drops rose color edible liquid
1 tsp powdered cardamom powder
10 - 12 pistachios for garnishing


Grind soaked rice after straining the water into a fine paste. If need be add little water or little milk.
In a heavy bottomed pan, boil milk, remove it from flame, add rice paste and mix well. Add cardamom powder. Cook it for a few minutes on low flame till it becomes thick in consistency, make sure there are no lumps, in case there are then add little hot milk, or little hot water.
Remove it from flame, mix in the powdered sugar, rose essence and rose color well.
Let it cool for a few minutes, pour it in serving bowl and keep it in the freezer, if your going to serve soon or else keep it down if your serving after 3-4 hours.

It was quite a experience making it, outcome delicious and worth it. Hope you too enjoy it :)

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