Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sav's Kitchen Turns Two!! It's Time To Grow :)

First of all thank you to all those people who have been a part of Sav's Kitchens journey. I am extremely grateful to you all. 😊 

With you being a part of it, Sav's Kitchen has been awarded and rewarded, so thank you so much.🙏
As Sav's Kitchen turns two tomorrow, I feel like a proud mother seeing her baby grow.
I didn't have the slightest idea when I started Sav's Kitchen that it would come till here, where it is today. It has given me name, fame and lots of love. It's been a turning point of my life and so I am very grateful for that day and the thought that made me give birth to it. 😊
I have a vision, and that vision is to take Sav's Kitchen to great heights.
Great heights of giving, giving the best possible content to you. To make cooking easy, fun and delightful for everyone.
In my quest to make to make Sav's Kitchen grow, I have decided to take a backseat from cooking for sometime so that I can focus on the overall growth of it.
Sav's Kitchen has given you the best and will give you the best. Keeping up with giving you the best, I am very happy to tell you that Sav's Kitchen has three new guest bloggers who are great culinary artists.
They are Paayal Sharma, Harkirat Uberoi and Karrie Holland.
You will be getting a lot of variety as far as recipes are concerned with their distinct awesome style.
You will get the feel of it when you see it for yourself :) 😊

I am also very delighted to inform you that Sav's Kitchen will be partnering with Trident, Bandra Kurla as far as the recipe content is concerned and we have on board non other than the Executive Chef of Trident, Bandra Kurla, Chef Ashish Bhasin on board. 
So you will be privileged to get recipes of such a great Chef and his team on Sav's Kitchen.

Ending this post with immense gratitude and happiness and looking forward to your love just the way you have been giving Sav's Kitchen and me and hoping our bond gets deeper with every passing year and see Sav's Kitchen grow with us :)

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