Paayal Sharma

Restauranter, Fit Foodie Diva Paayal Sharma has two passions in life, Food & Fitness. 
You must be wondering how can Food & Fitness be balanced at the same time, right? 
No one better than Paayal can exemplify this. Eating healthy and staying fit keeps her happy. 
Eating healthy does not necessarily mean eating bland or raw food. Paayal will show you how healthy food can be made tasty and relished at the same time keeping your fitness goals in line.
A hard core vegetarian for whom dining out can be a challenge, always manages to convince the Chef to cook something delicious for her which will satisfy her palate.
Paayal owns the Pranna Restaurant in New York and has the pleasure to work closely with the Chef. She loves to delve behind the scenes as far as cooking process is concerned and check into the techniques used in making food.
Paayal is a certified Pastry Chef and makes marvellous Fondant Cakes and other kind of Cakes as well which you can see on her Instagram wall.
She loves cooking for her family and cooks delicious dishes including non -veg dishes for them which keeps them happy.
Lively and bubbly, very sweet by nature and gorgeous looking Paayal is the perfect diva, who has created a beautiful marriage between Food & Fitness. 

You can follow Paayal on -  

Instagram @fitfoodie_diva
Twitter @so_fitfoodie
Pinterest @Fitfoodiediva

And also don't forget to visit Paayal's blog FitfoodieDiva

Recipes By Paayal 

Zucchini Corn Bell Pepper pancakes with Mint Tzatziki Sauce

Have you ever tried Zucchini Pancakes? If not, learn how to make them and try it for yourself :)

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