Sunday, April 1, 2018

Summer Drinks Part - 2 by Saveen Kaur

Hola people πŸ™Œ☺️ 

So here we are back again after a short break to welcome the new month with the Summer Drinks Part 2.
So in this series we will be sharing with you extremely simple recipes of super yummy Milkshakes πŸ˜

So here they are 😎⤵

Brownie Shake

The yummiest Shake ever!

Fig Shake 

Since I love Figs so thought making a shake made of Figs. 

Mango Shake

One of the only reason I like the season of Summer is because of the fruit Mango! Mango Shake being one of my favorite ;)
This is a very basic version but a very yummy option! You can always add Vanilla ice cream to it but I prefer it like this if I have to have it on a daily basis.

Khus Mango Shake

As you know I love to experiment and try new flavours, I was wondering how would Khus and Mango taste, I got my answer, it tastes amazing!!!

Rooh Mango Shake

A drink for the soul :) 
Made with two of my favorite elements - Mango and Roohafza! 

Hope you enjoy the above shakes and have a rocking fun filled summer 🌞

Happy Cooking Happy Relishing 😊

Love πŸ’•

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