Saturday, May 2, 2015

Fig Shake

Fig Shake

During summers I prefer staying more on liquids than solids therefore love to have a variety of drinks in a week so that I don't get bored having the same fruit Milkshake everyday. My boredom level is extremely HIGH!!!  So if supposing I had Mango Shake today,  I would have some other flavor the next day! 

I love Figs so thought having a shake made of Figs. 
No rocket science, it is very simple. All you need to do is blend Milk, Figs and Sugar.  If you want low on cal. then replace sugar with honey. Your healthy and yummy drink is ready :) So Simple! 
Proportions for one glass -
If you want the shake really thick, then add 3 fresh Figs or else 2 are enough.
Half cup milk
2 tsp Sugar or 1 tsp Honey or to taste. 
Enjoy :)

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