Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pudina Chaas or Mint Buttermilk by Saveen Kaur

Hello Summer :) 

Its time to kick start the Summer Drinks Special Series, as now you need to sip in liquids all day long to keep yourself well hydrated.

So let's start with our very own desi - Pudina Chaas or Mint Buttermilk.

Absolutely tasty and extremely rich in calcium, Mint Buttermilk is filled with goodness and excellent for your system.

Very easy to make, it is a curd based drink.

The ratio of curd and water is 1:3 respectively. And when you add the masala, it is very good for your digestion.

Well I make the masala mix at home and store it so that I don't need to add so many things every time I have to make buttermilk. The masala or spices includes Salt, Black Pepper Powder, Roasted Cumin Seeds grounded, Black Salt grounded, Asafoetida powder. Mix them all together in equal quantity. You can either ground them together and make the masala mix or grind it separately and mix together.

To make 1 glass -

1/3 of the glass should be curd, rest water, 1 spoon of the masala mix or as per taste and a few mint leaves. Blend them together, pour it in a glass and relish it :)

Happy Cooking Happy Relishing 😊

Love 💕

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