Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fresh, Nutritious and Vibrant Salad by Carley

A refreshing mix of arugula and kale topped with beets, rainbow carrots, avocado, yellow pepper, toasted pumpkin seeds, basil and edible flowers. 


2 cups of kale chopped into smaller pieces. (I like to massage the kale with a little olive oil to soften it) 
2 cups of arugula 
1/2 small red beet chopped 
1/2 golden beet shredded
2 small carrots (any color) sliced 
1 small avocado
1/2 a yellow pepper chopped 
3 tbs of toasted pumpkin seeds
4 leaves of fresh basil chopped 
Garnish with edible flowers (Nasturtiums) 
Salt and pepper to taste 


Juice of 1 lemon 
1/4 extra virgin olive oil, 
1 Tbs maple syrup 
1 tsp of mustard 
A touch of lemon zest 

Recipe Developed & Created By Carley

You can connect with Carley on her Instagram page @truenorth.wellness for more such nutritious and healthy recipes by Carley

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