Thursday, August 18, 2016

Kiwi Quencher

Kiwi and cucumber with roasted flax seeds


Kiwi - 100 gms
Cucumber - 100 gms
Roasted Flax Seeds - 10 gms
Honey - 20 gms
Curd - 250 gms


1. Peel and deseed Cucumber, roughly cut it.
2. Peel and remove the center core of kiwi, roughly cut it.
3. Mix curd, kiwi, cucumber and honey.
4. Take blender and blend this.
5. Pour smoothie in a chilled glass and serve garnished with roasted flax seeds.

Recipe Developed & Created By Chef Robin Batra

Team Ashish Bhasin

Content Partner : Trident, Bandra Kurla

Chef Robin Batra

Executive Sous Chef at Trident, Bandra Kurla

You can connect with Chef Robin Batra on his social media handles -
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Twitter handle - @robinbatra123

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