Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dear Stress, Let's Break Up!!!

Relishing a yummy Chocoholic :)

It's been a very hectic time for me since I have been occupied with quite a few things.

I prefer doing things project based rather than living a monotonous life doing routine chores. 
Since I have a very short attention span and I dread leaving things unfinished as I get bored very fast, I do things under pressure otherwise I will never be able to finish them.
So, I have this habit,good or bad, I don't know but a habit that when I'm working on something I like to keep my focus on it completely till I don't finish what I have planned and while doing this I forget everything else. 
So the weekend gone by, I was really happy that I achieved all my targets and finished what I had planned. 
Now, I was extremely exhausted and just wanted to laze all day long doing nothing and relax on Sunday. 
I saw the mirror and realized, I looked so exhausted and stressed, so thought of pampering myself a bit.  
The best way to de-stress is by resting but that also requires time and sometimes your short of time. At such times when I want to feel fresh, all I do is apply this pack,  which not only refreshes my skin but also pulls out all the exhaustion and heaviness from my face. I also apply this pack when I have cold, as it helps absorb all the heat and heaviness from the cold.

My quick beauty fix up tools to bring back the glow on my face :)

Soothing Rose Water

Before applying the pack it is advisable to steam your face as it will open the pores, then scrub it gently, I use a walnut or apricot scrub by Himalaya and then apply the pack.  I prefer using natural products as much as possible or else herbal products. I shrug using heavy chemicals on my face therefore prefer minimum make up too, only Kohl and Lipstick.

I use Khadi's Orange Herbal face pack, they have Sandalwood and Neem too, which I use alternatively, right now I am using Orange.
Its main ingredient is Fuller's Earth, it is called Multani Mitti in India, it is a type of clay that contains various minerals, including magnesium, quartz, silica, iron, calcium, calcite and dolomite. Mostly available in powdered form, it comes in different colors, such as white, green, blue, brown or olive. It is excellent for your skin as it removes excess oil and absorbs excess heat from your face thereby helps reducing acne and improves skin elasticity.

You can buy the powder from grocery store and make this pack home but I prefer using Khadi as I have had an excellent experience with it.

It's a pack which you can use with Rose water or raw milk or sometimes both.  I normally use Rose water. 

After applying the pack,  I just close my eyes and relax.  I put on some light music in the background and then just lie down or sit in a relaxed position. You should never talk when you apply such packs, because once it hardens, it becomes difficult to talk,  and if you force talking, you can get some unwanted lines too, well the latter part, an aunt had told me about, don't know how true it is but in any case avoid talking or thinking anything heavy, just relax and laze. Once hardened, rinse it off with cold water.

Face Pack

Well when I had applied the pack,  my phone started buzzing, it was Ruby calling, whom I had not met since last six months since she was in States. I texted her saying that I cannot take her call, she surprised me by saying she is coming towards town (we both live in opposite ends of the city), I got so excited, though my plan of lazying got intruded but this was a lovely intrusion as I had a great time catching up with my besties. The feeling of being with your childhood friends is completely different, it's a great feeling when you remember the old memories and laugh over them and then catch up on what's going on in every one's life and of course some girl talk ;)
People with whom you have grown up, when they part, as everyone has to follow their own path and chase their own destiny can be little annoying. 
When you are in the same city, its still good as you can still meet often but when the distance is seven seas across,  it is painful, though today technology has bridged the gap to a lot of extent but still it cannot bridge the physical presence like when you want go for a coffee or a movie together, you need to wait for months. Soon my other friend Vits is going to leave back for States, a question that comes in my mind is why we do we meet if we have to part :(

Coffee, Conversations and Yummy Food with your best friends make it a perfect lovely afternoon :)

Anyways I had a great afternoon with my gals and was very happy by the end of the day, well what about the rest, maybe it will happen after life.  ;)

Love it when things happen impromptu and unplanned. Love good surprises ;)

Hey don't forget to moisturize after the pack, very very important!

Hope you find my quick beauty fix DIY at home useful :)

With Ruby & Vits

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