Thursday, February 19, 2015

Strawberry & ACV Cooler

Strawberry & ACV Cooler

There are some days in my life when I feel extremely experimental and feel a strong urge to try something different, mix and match and see how does the end product turn out, so this was that one fine day when I got the idea of mixing strawberry and ACV, you must be wondering what is ACV right, so let me tell you, ACV stands Apple Cider Vinegar. I'l keep referring it as ACV cause it makes my life a little simple while typing it.

 So ACV was recommended to me by a friend, when I was struggling with bad cold and cough. The acidic content helps in fighting the bad bacteria and dismantles the horrible mucus. Yeh trust me I had a very bad time dealing with cold and cough and will tell you in coming days, how to deal with it naturally without popping any pills which just give you temporary relief and suppress the problem, rather than curing it.
You can Google and check for yourself about the benefits of ACV. So far I have had a good experience having it.
Ok so now let's talk about this drink,
To make 1 glass-
Take 3-4 strawberries, cut them into pieces and blend them into a fine paste.
Pour this paste in a glass, add 2 teaspoons of ACV, this should cover 1/4th of your glass and then fill the remaining glass with sprite.
You need to be careful as it will overflow so don't fill full glass.
Then let it settle and then serve.
Kindly note, I have not added sugar syrup since I like the tangy taste, and after a while the taste just gets better but if you want you can always add sugar syrup.
Trust me it tastes amazing, do try it :)

I had initally made the drink in this glass, and you can see it overflowing, then transferred it into the other glass, once it into the other glass once it got settled.  

Strawberry & ACV Cooler

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