Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rocky Road Hearts

Rocky Road Hearts

"When you follow your heart, the road is never smooth but the rough edges are worth the destination."  

Never Give Up!
Never Give Up On Your Dreams!
Never Give Up On Your Faith!
Never Give Up On Your Love!
Never Never Give Up On What You Truly Believe In!
The Road taken will be rocky and tough but at the end you will feel accomplished, irrespective of whether you reach the destination, that is because the experience on walking that road will definitely lead you higher in life. Nothing goes waste in the journey of life, every experience counts, every encounter counts, every new turn counts and makes your journey very interesting.
Yes everything is destined but that does not mean you can rely on fate and succumb to the circumstances, you need to fight all odds, you need to rebel where required for the right reason but never give up on what you truly want. 
Its this desire to achieve, to accomplish that makes life interesting and gives it a solid meaning, the reason to live which eventually becomes your strength. It gives you courage to survive all challenges, to embrace all losses and you know what your dreams will never leave you alone, they will be with you right till your last breath! 
People come and go but your dreams are along with you throughout, your true companion, they give you a reason to live and sometimes even help you bear all non-sense because when you close your eyes and visualize the end result, every pain is worth it! 
So Never Give Up :) 

I am sure by now you must have understood my deep love for chocolates, well of course dark chocolate, as I keep using dark chocolate in my desserts so often.
You know there is always a Cranberry Bournville kept near my bedside, a cube of  it is my daily dose but I thought why not make some chocolates as per my liking ;) So here I ended up putting my thought into action and the delightful result is in front of you. So easy to make and so yummy to taste, let me share with you the recipe of my Rocky Road Heart(s) ;)


1. 200 gms Dark or  Milk Chocolate broken into pieces.
I have used Dark. You can also use half milk and half dark or make your own ratio by adding more dark and less milk or vice versa as per your liking.
2. 10 marshmallows, cut into pieces.
3. Half cup salted peanuts. You can also alternatively use almonds or walnuts. I have used peanuts because they taste little bit on the lines of Nutella. I love Nutella!!!


Melt chocolate in a double boiler, then mix in the marshmallows, they will melt and fold in the chocolate. Add peanuts.
Cover a cake tin with aluminum foil paper or line a baking paper. Pour this mixture in a cake tin.
Let it cool for sometime, till it becomes semi-hard, remove the foil with the mixture from the tin and place it on a flat surface, take a heart shaped cookie cutter and cut the semi ready mixture into hearts and keep it on a surface covered with foil and let it set for two hours.
Your Rocky Road Heart is ready.
Relish it :) 

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