Wednesday, November 26, 2014


I love South Indian food specially Dosa, Idli, Wada and Uttapam. I usually prefer to have them at evening with coffee. I guess I must have been a South Indian in my past life ;)

Now out here I have made my own variations of Uttapam and they all turned out fab. I have made mini uttapams because that is how I prefer to eat.

I have used different kinds of topping like Bell Peppers, Dill Leaves, Cheese, apart from the regular Tomato and Onions and have also used Schezwan Sauce and Green Chutney.

Actually green chutney and onion are what my Mom usually makes and they turn out to be awesome.
I thought how about trying some schezwan sauce too ;) I love trying such fusions, mixing North, South, East, West, lol.

Uttapam Batter -

2 cups rice soaked in water
1 cup urad dal soaked in water
Keep both soaked separately overnight
Grind both separately and then mix them together and keep aside for 4-5 hours before cooking for a fermented batter.

To make Uttapam, you need a non-stick pan or griddle, make sure before putting the batter, the pan is hot. Drop in a a bit of ghee or butter or oil, whatever you prefer, pour in the batter and spread it out, add whatever toppings you like, make sure its cooked well on both the sides.

Lets start with Schezwan Cheese Uttapam

Schezwan Cheese Uttapam

Now I have put schezwan sauce on the base and then sprinkled cheese over it. i have cut them into bite size squares.

Another simple option is Chutney Cheese Uttapam

Chutney Cheese Uttapam
In this I have used homemade green chutney for the base and then sprinkled cheese.

Onion, Tomato, Dill and Cheese Uttapam

Onion, Tomato, Dill and Cheese Uttapam

Cheese and Dill make a great combination. They give a complete new flavor with onion and tomato.
Mix in onion, tomato, salt and red chilli powder as per taste.
On the base spread, schezwan sauce, or you can use green chutney too, then put onion and tomato mix, sprinkle cheese and dill leaves. After its cooked you can garnish it with little more cheese on top. Its yum!

Cocktail Uttapam

Cocktail Uttapam
In Cocktail Uttapam, I have used Red Bell Pepper, Yellow Bell Pepper, Capsicum, Onion, Tomato and Cheese as toppings. Mix salt and red chilli powder with the above toppings and spread on the uttapam. Sprinkle cheese over it and cook covered in a non-stick pan.

These are some of my variations for Uttapam, you can also try onion, cheese and chutney or only onion and chutney, they both taste yum too.

You get ready made batter easily in the market, so in case you want to make it impromptu, you can always lay your hand on one and dish out yummy Uttapam.

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