Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mocktailing all the way....

Being a teetotaler I always opt for mocktails and like experimenting new ones, every time I dine out. But what I have noticed is that most restaurant's serve awesome food but they somewhere go wrong with the drinks. It's as if the mocktails are given step-daughterly treatment. For example I had gone to this Chinese restaurant for dinner with friends and I had ordered for this drink called All Rounder, which was a blend of 2-3 fruit juices, of course canned and it looked interesting when served but when I tasted it I felt as if I'm having some cough syrup. Anyways thats another social issue that has to be fought for.

Most mocktails are blends of fresh fruit juices and syrups, and some contain cream, herbs, or spices. Since mocktails contain no alcohol, people of all ages can enjoy them. Shirley Temple is one of the classic mocktails, often served to children. Named for the child actor, it contains lemon-lime soda, ginger ale, and a dash of grenadine, with a maraschino cherry for garnish. The Roy Rogers is another of the traditional mocktails, this one named for a straight-laced singing cowboy; it is made with cola splashed with a bit of grenadine and is also garnished with a maraschino cherry.

Mocktails can be made soda based, juice based and milk based. In milk based I mean using cream, ice-cream, milk, etc. Well when having Chinese or anything that has some sought of spice and masala, I prefer going for soda based drinks. 

They are very simple to make and one can hardly go wrong with them. What they really require is some creativity.

Here are a few of my derivations -

Straw-Pina Tango

Pineapple syrup - 2 tbsp ,
Strawberry pieces- 8-10,
1 bottle soda,
1 scoop vanilla ice cream,
some ice cubes,
a few wedges of strawberry for garnishing.
Blend them together in a blender for a few seconds and serve in a good mocktail glass. 

Tropical Desire
Orange juice - 1 cup,
Mango juice - 1 cup,
Strawberry crush - 2 tbsp,
vanilla ice cream - 1 scoop,
1 bottle soda,
2-3 tsp lemon juice,
a few ice cubes.
Blend them together and serve.

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