Monday, August 15, 2022

Dalgona Chocolate Coffee by Saveen Kaur


Here comes a super yummy drink to make you happy!

Hey lovelies so I am sharing with you all the recipe of one my favourite Coffee that I like to make at home!

Hope you guys enjoy it :)

Dalgona Coffee

Ingredients - 

1 tbsp Water
1 tbsp Coffee Powder
1 tbsp Sugar


In a bowl, add 1 tbsp hot water, 1 tbsp Coffee Powder and 1 tbsp Sugar.

Whip it well with a hand mixer till it becomes nice and creamy.

Melt Dark Chocolate

Ingredients - 

4 cubes Dark Chocolate

1 tbsp Water

Method - 

In a Kadhai, add dark chocolate and water, add more water if needed, make sure the chocolate does not burn. 
Cook it on low flame till it melts into a nice chocolate sauce.

To Garnish -

A pinch of Cinnamon Powder

Easily meltable Chocolate Cubes of your choice

Assemble The Drink - 

Ingredients - 

All of Above

3/4th Glass of Cold Milk

Method - 

In a glass, add melted Dark Chocolate Sauce, add Cold Milk. 
Then add Dalgona over Cold Milk.
You can garnish it with Chocolate Cubes and Cinnamon Powder as shown in the picture above.

Stir it well while having.

Relish it  😊

Happy Cooking Happy Relishing 😊

Lots of Love 

Sav 💕

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