Sunday, June 13, 2021

Cottage Cheese Cucumber Toast by Saveen Kaur


Here comes a healthy and refreshing snack for that evening hunger pangs!

So this is the kind of snack that I would like to indulge in the evening after a workout!

It is so refreshing and packs in the essential nutrients keeping your fitness and health goals in mind.

Super easy to make, it hardly takes some time so it won't keep you waiting too long to indulge in when you feel hungry in the evening.

It can also be had for breakfast!


1/2 litre Milk
1 Lemon 
2 Cheese Cubes
1 Cucumber
1 Tomato
Fresh Oregano Leaves
Ghee (Clarified Butter) for applying on Toast


In a bowl boil milk, once the milk is boiled, add lemon juice.
The milk will curdle and you will get whey and cottage cheese formed.
Strain the cottage cheese.
You can store the whey and add it while making a dough, it is very nutritious.

On a toast, apply ghee.
Spread Cottage Cheese on it.
Garnish it with Sliced Cucumber, Tomato, Chopped Cheese Cube & Fresh Oregano Leaves. 
Sprinkle some black pepper powder over it. 
You can eat it like that or pair with some sauce, I love it with Tabasco Sauce!

Happy Cooking Happy Relishing 😊

Lots of Love 

Sav 💕

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