Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cheese Sandwich Dhokla

Recipe of the month from Food Lovers Club is by Geeta Khanna

Recipe for sandwich dhokla with cheese filling
2cup besan 5 Tsp rawa 5 tsp sugar 2 Cups water 1 tsp oil pinch of soda salt to taste 1 Sachet ENO

Mix all the above ingredients in to a smooth batter except eno and keep aside for hour. Eno should be added later and mixed slowly in the batter. Place the batter under steam for 10 min.
Check with the help of knife if ready. Remove the dhokla by inverting it on another plate. Cut it from the centre with the help of thread. Apply tomato ketchup on one side and green chutney on another side. Place cheese slices or paneer between the two pieces.
For tadka: 
Heat some oil and add rai til and kadipatta. 
Spread this tadka on the dhokla. Spread some green corriander leaves. Sandwich dhokla is ready.

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