Monday, January 4, 2016

"You Ask We Answer", An Innovative Initiative by ITC Foods

Few days back I was invited to attend the Bloggers Conference held at ITC Maratha Grand Central.

Around the much heated ongoing Instant Noodles controversy, ITC Foods have taken an innovative initiative to educate the consumers by launching the "You Ask We Answer" Campaign.
The Campaign is not created to show down other brands but solely to create awareness among the consumers that ITC Foods is totally committed towards Quality and does not compromise on it at any cost.
This innovative Campaign mainly addresses all concerns related to Sunfeast Yippee Noodles.

Below in the picture is Mr. V.L. Rajesh, the CEO of ITC Foods.
He spoke about his journey with ITC Foods and shed light on all brands of ITC Foods and explained how they take maximum efforts to ensure a safe and best quality product to their consumers considering their likes and preferences.
After he was done explaining, he answered all questions put forward by bloggers with a lot of patience and made sure all their doubts and concerns were addressed.

Is Yippee Noodles safe for you?

Below in the picture is Ms. Kavita, you can also call her the Mother of Yippee Noodles, the woman who has painstakingly researched and considered every tiny aspect before creating this amazing brand Sunfeast Yippee for you!

Now coming to the point are Yippee Noodles safe for you, as far as I'm concerned, I am totally convinced that they are.

Why don't you see for yourself in this video below -

In this video see how Yippee Noodles are made!

It was very overwhelming to see the sincere approach of ITC Foods towards the customers by giving them a platform to reach out to them and ensure them that as far as they are indulging in food brands from the ITC Group, they need not worry about their health because they are in totally Safe Hands!

Let me tell you that I have been consuming a lot of products from the house of ITC Foods for years, be it their cream biscuits, cookies, atta, etc. Dark Fantasy is my personal favourite.

Some of the brands from the House Of ITC Foods
We use Aashirwad Multigrain Atta for our roti's and just the other day when my cook was on leave, I made Phulka's using the same and see in one what shape I got ;)

Heart! Cute Na ;)

You know I will only recommend you what I believe in because I am under no obligation and will never be, to endorse anything what I wouldn't use and also because for me your safety matters more :)

So relax and do Yippee with Yippee Noodles!

And if you have any queries or concerns you can log on to their website - and see for yourself how dedicated ITC Foods is towards you!

Cheers to ITC Quality Foods :)

Happy Cooking Happy Eating



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