Monday, September 28, 2015

Chatpata Aloo Paneer Sandwich

A quick and easy way to satiate your cravings for something tasty and filling! And yeah Healthy too ;)

On a lazy Sunday evening, I was getting a strong craving to eat something absolutely yummy and filling but was not in a mood for some heavy duty cooking.

So was wondering what to do. On thinking a bit and scanning my fridge, I thought of making a sandwich. Reason Chutney was already ready, Maa always keeps fresh Chutney stored in the fridge. Mom's are smart, hehe.

To my surprise there was already Homemade Paneer lying in the fridge, happy me, thought of adding something more to it to make it more exciting.
So I remove Potatoes and keep it for boiling.
I love boiled Potatoes in a sandwich, don't worry about the calories, they won't make you fat, haha.
 In fact they are really healthy.

Paneer, checked.
Potato, checked.
Next what?

Onion and Tomato :)

So once all chopped and assembled. I begin to make my sandwich.

Ok I had cheese too, which I didn't add, not because of cal but lazy me could not take the trouble to find the Cheese grater. Blame the maid, who dislocates things in the kitchen and makes Mum red which makes Sis n Me blue :'(

Anyways that is one tragic story of my life ;P, let me now share with you the recipe of my yummy Sandwich which made my tummy very happiee, lol ;)

Makes 5-6 Sandwich


1 loaf of Bread
1 cup homemade Cottage Cheese
4-5 Potatoes boiled, chopped, mashed if you want, your choice, pick one :)
1 Onion chopped
1 Tomato chopped
2-3 Amul Cheese cubes, if your cheese grater is at your reach ;)
Chaat Masala for that zing. 1 tsp or to to taste
Salt to taste
Red Chilli Powder to taste
Green Chutney
Butter (optional)


Mix all the above for the sandwich filling, except the Bread and Chutney.

Apply Chutney and Butter on bread slices, cover it with the filling and toast it on a non-stick griddle.

I love my sandwich cooked on a griddle!

So easy to make and so yummy to taste.

Green Chutney recipe is there on the site, in case you want it :)

So that's my Sandwich Story

Relish it ;)

Happy Cooking and Happy Eating



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