Saturday, June 27, 2015

Pan Fried Mexican Pizza

A Pizza that will make you insane!!!!!

I am a Cheese Lover
I am a  Nachos Cheese Lover
I am a Pizza Lover
I am a Sweet Corn Lover
I am Bell Peppers Lover

So I thought  how will it be if I combine my love for all in a dish; so that's how my Pan Fried Mexican Pizza took birth, hehe ;)

Family loved it and with full modesty I would like to say I loved it too; it was insane. Simple Insane. You will definitely over eat, so be careful!
Some of the ingredients for my Pizza 

4 Pizza Base
1 Cup Boiled Sweet Corn
1 Yellow Bell Pepper
1 Red Bell Pepper
1 Green Capsicum
Red Chilli Flakes
Mexican Seasoning
2 tbsp Readymade Pizza and Pasta Sauce
Nachos Cheese
Tortilla Chips
Butter for greasing

Step by Step Pan Fried Mexican Pizza in the making! 

The picture above is quite self explanatory but for your convenience I will write down the assembling pattern too :)


Apply Pizza Sauce on the Pizza Bread.
Spread out the Bell Peppers.
Then Corn.
Lay Tortilla Chips over it.
Sprinkle Oregano.
Sprinkle Red Chilli Flakes.
Sprinkle little Mexican Seasoning.
Drizzle Nachos Cheese over it.
Sprinkle little more Mexican Seasoning.
Grease the pan with Butter.
Place the Pizza in the pan and cook it covered till the cheese sets well.
Remove it from the pan and place it on a serving dish.

And then after giving one serving to all, make sure you keep one for yourself and attack before giving the second serving or else you  gotta settle on a slice, like I had too, lol ;)

But you know what when you see your loved ones relish the food you make, you really wouldn't care enough to eat, you'l feel happy seeing them enjoy and fight over it :)

Pizza Without Tortilla Chips

Since there was no Pizza left for me, I had to make Bread Pizza for me ;)

This too turned out to be amazing, so in case you run out of Pizza Bread, you can always make it on a Slice!

Happy Cooking and Happy Eating 


Saveen :)

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  1. This is so beautiful and Innovative dear. Loved it.YUMMY


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