Monday, May 25, 2015

Sav's Kitchen Completes One Successful Year

Hello lovely people :)

I know its been really long since I have posted anything on Sav's Kitchen, sorry for that but then I was really caught up with a lot of things.

First, I was working on my new blogs :
  1. Sav Food Diary
  2. Savvi Couture
  3. Bizvest
These blogs are extensions of my personality and interests so thought of sharing my other interests too with you all :)

I am working on two more blogs - one is a blog where I will be sharing all photographs taken by me and the other one is going to be about Yoga, Health and Fitness. There is still time for these two as I am still setting up my other blogs mentioned above.

In Sav Food Diary, I will be sharing my eating out adventures, I am complete foodie, love to experiment different cuisines and explore new places.

Savvi Couture is gonna be on fashion and beauty.
You know when I was in school, I always thought I wanted to be a Fashion Designer and for that I did a few courses too but then there was one major problem, I get bored very quickly and so had left the course unfinished both the times I had joined.
I guess I am allergic to academic learning. I love to explore and learn things on my own.
After college I got into Finance and then worked in Stock Market for five years. I used to trade and invest but then the trading took quite a toll on my health and had to quit it.
I hate sitting idle and wasting time, love to indulge in creative activities or keep myself occupied with something interesting.
It was one of the days after I had quit the market when my brother demanded a dish made by me.
I used to love cooking new dishes when in college but then when I got into stocks, I hardly got time to cook. So it was my brother who got me back into the cooking trail.
And that's how Sav's Kitchen came into being :)

Bizvest as the name suggests is on finance. It's one of my biggest dream to open an Investment Academy where I want the to create a platform for the common people with no technical knowledge of finance, learn how to invest in Stock Market like a pro. This is my Dream Project!

I have made a first post on all three. I'l share with you the links, please do go and visit my new blogs and oh yes any suggestions and comments are always welcomed :) I hope you like them!

This was one reason that kept me really busy.

The second major reason was Sav's Kitchen Contest.

Your Sav's Kitchen completed successful one year on 13th May 2015. 

What I had started out just casually to kill my boredom, it has now become the most important thing in my life! Yes I am talking about your own "Sav's Kitchen" . So to celebrate this occasion, I had kept a contest in which I had given 4 lucky winners a Starbucks Card with a preloaded credit limit.
The entire contest thing was so much fun, I got such an overwhelming response that it had become difficult for me to select the winners. 
The excitement was just amazing.
This was the very first contest I had kept. After getting such an amazing response, I have already started planning my next giveaway :)

Here are some of the pictures from the contest -

The Contest winners were announced on 13th May 2015 and then started the process to dispatch the gifts. I had sent a letter along with the gift to the winners and some of them were sweet enough to post them on their social media walls and some thanked personally. It was a wonderful experience.

The letter that was sent to the Contest Winners along with the Card.

So while all this was happening, I hardly got time to cook anything. 
But off late I have made a few dishes which I will be posting soon.

While all this was happening Sav's Kitchen page views crossed 10k thanx to your love and support, so was extremely happy about it :)

It's time to sign out ;)

Tons and tons of love to you all :)


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