Saturday, May 2, 2015


 The only reason I can tolerate the summer season is because of Mango!!! 

I love Mangoes and love to have it in all sorts of variations. From drinks to desserts.

Aamras is something that I look forward to have during lunch. 

Do you know I have learned something really important about fruits. It is that you shouldn't have fruits post 4 p.m. and should have them before sunset only so then only your body gets the right nutrients from it! 
So try to have anything connected to fruits before sunset! 

Coming back to Aamras, it is very simple to make. Peel off the skin of the Mango, chop it in pieces and blend it in the mixer, add sugar as per taste and blend it well. 

Serve with Puri or just have it like this. 

If it is leftover then you can always blend in the milk and make it a yummy Milkshake :)

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