Saturday, March 28, 2015


Happy Weekend...

For me weekends are time to go out and have fun but before that its very important to de-stress too. After a long hectic week, it is very important to relax, spend time on your own, detox and most importantly pamper yourself delightfully. You need to relax to soothe your body but you also need to give tonic to skin by ex-foliating and rejuvenating.
Let me share with you how I like to exfoliate. I first take steam and then make this homemade scrub which refreshes my skin completely and give a nice shine.
I alternate between face pack and this scrub every weekend. I use either so it maintains a nice balance.
Ideally the best time to exfoliate is before going to bed because when your sleeping, your skin gets to breathe peacefully.
The ingredients of this scrub are Sugar (main ingredient), Aloevera Gel, Lemon Juice, Rosewater and Apricot Oil, you can also use Olive Oil alternately.
You need to mix the above ingredients in proportion with which the sugar softens, remember sugar should not melt and you need to scrub this gently with light fingers on your face, you can also scrub it on your elbows. And wash it off with room temperature water.
Do try it for a better skin!
Happy Weekend once again.

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