Monday, November 17, 2014

Cina Nut Chocoholic

Cina Nut Chocoholic

Chocolate Drinks are something that can be counted in my daily diet.

I normally spend a lot of time in Cafe's either for work as I love to work sitting in a Cafe with my lappy or tablet or sometimes just love to spend time on my own, my nirvana time, its very important to spend some time on your own, at least for me, it gives me a breather to think things through or just sit back, relax and observe people or browse through magazines or read a book and other times with my friends. So basically don't be surprised if I open one tomorrow since opening a Cafe and a Restaurant is also in my to do list in life ;)

In Cina Nut Chocoholic, I have made a hot chocolate with crushed walnuts mixed in, a dash of cinnamon powder, flaxseed powder swirled in and chunks of softened chocolate at the bottom. Its divine :)
In case you don't want to add flaxseed powder, you can drop it but its highly recommended from a health perspective as flaxseed are rich in fiber and have Omega-3 essential fatty acids and have antioxidant qualities. Basically it give you good hair, essential nutrition, good skin and many more health benefits.

To make 1 cup


1 cup milk
2 walnuts crushed
30 gms dark chocolate or milk chocolate, whichever you prefer
Sugar to taste
A pinch of cinnamon powder
1 spoon of flax seed powder


Take a pan, add broken chunks of chocolate, add little water and make it saucy, add milk, crushed walnuts, cinnamon powder and sugar. Give it a nice boil. It will become frothy. Pour it in a cup, mix in flaxseed powder, stir well, then add some chunks of chocolate and garnish it with chocolate flakes, crushed walnuts and cinnamon powder.
Have it hot and enjoy :)

Cina Nut Chocoholic

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