Thursday, July 31, 2014

Spiced Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate, my divine beverage, love to have it specially during monsoons, armed with a nice book for company.

Do you know the first chocolate beverage is believed to have been created by the Mayas around 2,000 years ago, and a cocoa beverage was an essential part of Aztec culture by 1400 AD. The beverage became popular in Europe after being introduced from Mexico in the New World, and has undergone multiple changes since then. Until the 19th century, hot chocolate was even used medicinally to treat ailments such as stomach diseases. Today, hot chocolate is consumed throughout the world and comes in multiple variations including the very thick cioccolata densa served in Italy, and the thinner hot cocoa that is typically consumed in the United States.(Source:Wikipedia)

My Coffee Table area where I love to spend my free time :)
Books, Hot Chocolate, Cookies and Rains, Sitting by the window, listening to the music of rain drops,  it feels Nirvana :)

Spiced Hot Chocolate

Recipe Of Spiced Hot Chocolate

Serves - 1 cup


2-3 blocks of dark chocolate
3/4 cup milk
1-2 drops of vanilla essence
A pinch of salt(optional)
A pink of cayenne pepper (optional)
A pinch of cinnamon powder
1 - 2 tbsp sugar depending on how sweet you want


 Melt chocolate in a heavy pan with 2 tbsp water, pour 1/3 chocolate in a cup in which your gonna have. In the remaining chocolate, add milk and the above ingredients, bring it to a boil, it will turn frothy. Put in the cup. Have this rich hot chocolate with cookies, muffins or cup cakes, whatever you like, I love it with cookies ;)

Spiced Hot Chocolate And My Favorite Choco Marble Cookie from CBTL
In case you don't like the Hot Chocolate Spiced, then don't add salt and pepper. Cinnamon is also optional. You can add whipped cream too but I prefer it without the whipped cream since on a daily basis its not advisable to have whipped cream I am sure you know why, Calories ;) I rather save it for something more interesting.

I have used Dark Chocolate as I am a complete Dark Chocolate lover, don't like too sweet things, extra sweet things and extra sweet people prove to be harmful for your system, lol ;) But in case you can't handle Dark Chocolate bitterness, you can opt for Milk chocolate or use Cocoa powder.

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