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South Indian Treat by Chef Ashish Bhasin

In South Indian Treat, learn how to make Sada Dosa, Masala Dosa, Uttapam, Masala Uttapam, Medu Wada, Kerai Onion Adai, Curry Leaf Chutney, Ginger Chutney, South Indian Tomato Chuntey and Sambhar with the recipes of Chef Ashish Bhasin.

Sambhar Masala


150 gms - Coriander seeds
10 gms - Fenugreek seeds
50 gms - Red chilli
20 gms - Pepper
1 ½ no. - Coconut
1 sprig - Curry leaf
1 no. - Onion
20 gms - Zeera
15 gms - Duli urad
20 gms - Channa dal
1 tsp - Hing
50 ml - Refined Oil


Heat oil add hing, fenugreek seeds. Fry till golden colour and add red
chillies and coriander seeds and sauté till golden colour. Add pepper,
cumin, chana dal and urad dal and sauté for a while and then add curry
leave and sliced onion. When onion start turning transparent, add
coconut and cook till it dries. Cool the spice and make a thick paste
of it.



1 ½ kg - Arhar dal
1/ 4 sp - Turmeric powder
1 sp - Chilli powder
1 sp - Coriander powder
5 gms - Mustard seeds
5 no. - Red chilli
2 sprigs - Curry leaves
1 no. - Onion
To garnish - Green coriander leaves
1/ 4 sp - Zeera powder
20 gms - Jaggery
10 nos - Drum stick
1 kg - Small onion
1 ½ kg - Tomato dice
600 ml - Tamarind water
Salt to taste


Boil the tamarind water with 1200 ml of water. Add raw masala, onion,
turmeric, salt and tomatoes and allow to boil. When tomatoes are
cooked then add sambar paste, boil it again then add boiled yellow dal
(75% 0done) and cook well.  Add tadka red chilli, curry leaves and one
chopped onion.
Garnish with chop onion

Sada Dosa

Dosa / Uttapam Batter


1000 gms - Sela rice
1250 gms - Basmati rice
5 gms - Fenugreek seeds
500 gms - Urad dal
50 g - Channa dal
250 gms - Rice flour
150 gms - Refined flour
2 table spoon - Sugar
Salt to taste


Soak for 4 hour.  Grind a bit coarse and ferment for 4-6 hours.
Before making dosa add sugar, maida, rice flour and mix. Add salt  make dosa.

With the same batter the following can be made:

Masala Uttapam

Dosa Masala / Uttapam Masala


Boiled potato - 450 gm
Onion sliced - 350 gm
Ginger juliennes - 30 gm
Curry leaves - 1 sprig
Green chillies - 3 no.
Mustard seeds - ¼ tb sp.
Urad wash - ½ tb sp.
Chana dal - ½ tb sp.
Salt to taste
Oil - 25 ml
Coriander leaves chopped - 10 gm


Boil potatoes, peel, mash and keep them aside.
Heat oil and add mustard seeds and let it crackle, then add urad dal
and chana dal, fry till it turns golden.
Then add juliennes of ginger and sauté for a while and then add sliced
onions, sauté for a few seconds.
Add salt and turmeric and sauté.
Finally add mashed potatoes and mix it well.
Check seasoning and mix in chopped green coriander leaves.

Medu Wada

Medu Vada


Urad dal - 500gms

Onion - 125gms
Curry leaf shredded - 05gms
Green chile - 05gms
Ginger - 10gms
Peppercorn whole - 05gms
Cumin seed - 05gms
Hing - 03gms
Salt - 10gms
Coriander leaf - 05gms


Wash urad dal atleast 4 times and soak it for 4 hours.

Squeeze out water properly. Grind in a wet grinder. Add ice chilled
water or ice during process of grinding so that batter becomes fluffy
and bright.
Mix salt and remaining ingredients to the batter.
Shape and fry over slow heat.

Curry Leaf Chutney

Curry Leaf Chutney


Coconut oil - 50 ml

Mustard - 3 gms
Black gram dal - 3 gms
Shallots- sambar onion - 50 gms
Red Chillies - 4 nos.
Tamarind - marble size
Curry leaves - 20 sprigs
Coconut - ½ no


Heat oil, sauté red chilles, shallots tamarind, curry leaves and coconut.
Grind to a smooth paste.
Temper with mustard and black gram dal.

Ginger Chutney
Ginger Chutney

Excellent accompaniment for South Indian Dishes. 


Sliced ginger - 600 g
Channa dal - 150 g
Oil - 100 ml
Red chillies - 20 nos
Jaggery - 75 g
Tamarind water - 250 ml
Salt - to taste
Mustard seeds - 1 tbs
Urad dal - 1 tbs
Curry leaves -2 sprig
Red chillies - 4 nos


Heat oil, fry channa dal till it becomes golden colour. Then add red chillies and sliced ginger, sauté well. Remove it from fire, let it cool and then add jaggry, tamarind water, salt. Grind it into a fine paste and then give tempering.

South Indian Tomato Chutney
South Indian Tomato Chutney


1 tbs - Coconut oil
5 gms - Mustard seed
5 gms - Urad dal
5 gms - Ginger
5 gms - Garlic
15 nos - Curry leaves (broken)
2 nos - Red chilly (broken)
pinch Hing
100 g - Onion (madras onions to be used )
Salt to taste
1 tsp - Red chilly paste
400 g - Tomato
(blanched, deseeded, chopped roughly)


Blanch and deskin the tomatoes and remove the seeds as well.
Grind tomatoes separately.
Grind the red chillies with shallots after sauteing.
Heat oil, crackle mustard seeds ,add hing which is dissolved in lukewarm water,. Add urad dal and curry leaves.
Add chopped garlic and ground shallots. Saute, then add ground tomatoes and tamarind extract.
Cook till the water almost evaporates and adjust the seasoning.

Kerai Onion Adai
Kerai Onion Adai


Raw rice - 75 gms
Arhar dal -75 gms
Channa dal - 75 gms
Urad dal - 75 sms
Pepper corn - 8 nos

Shredded spinach - 400 gms
Chopped onion - 3 nos
Chopped green chilly - ½ tbsp
Chopped ginger - ½ tbsp
Cooking soda - a pinch
Dosa batter - 100 ml
Salt to taste
Oil - 100 ml


Soak Raw rice, Arhar dal, Channa dal, Urad dal, Pepper corn and make a rough paste of it.
Add shredded spinach, green chilly, ginger, chopped onion, soda, salt along with ground batter. Make a thick batter.
Take one ball put it in tawa flatten with the help of small ladle spread oil cook both the sides.

So here is a delicious South Indian Treat by Chef Ashish Bhasin.


Recipe Developed & Created By Chef Ashish Bhasin

Chef Ashish Bhasin
Executive Chef at Trident, Bandra Kurla
Read more about Chef Ashish Bhasin

You can connect with Chef Ashish Bhasin on his social media handles - 
Facebook Page : Chefbhasin
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