Thursday, September 3, 2015

Paneer Tikki

Made with Cottage Cheese, Spices and Dry Fruits, a perfect blend of flavours that will make you crave for more :)

Hello guys :)

Off late I was not able to cook much and blog as I was caught up with some work, but as soon as got done with it, the next day itself made a dish, had no option, was getting strong cooking pangs ;)

You know I like it this way, I like to take little breaks in between, so that I miss what I do and then when I get back, it not only boosts my enthusiasm but creativity too. 
I hate doing nothing, as I feel life is too short to waste time away doing nothing but then I also get bored easily so I need little detours from what I am doing to get my mojo back. That's why I have filled up my life with varied interests, mainly food, fashion and finance :)
So my life keeps revolving and rotating between varied interests. 
Hate monotony and simply hate routine life. 
I also feel that when you are creative, you cannot confine yourself to one particular field, there are no boundaries in creative world so it automatically penetrates into different areas of life and so comes up the artist alive in you in what ever you do, be it painting, cooking, designing your clothes, your house, your blog or your portfolio ;) 
I love doing things my way and love to give my touch to whatever I do, eat or wear :)

Let's get back to the dish ;)
We had a party at home or Langar to be more precise, so there was a lot of extra milk stocked up in the kitchen. I thought let me make use of it. I thought of many options, starting from Kheer, Rabri, Custard, Ice Cream to Paneer Gravy.
After some pondering, I shortlisted on making a starter of Paneer. 
Let me tell you the reason. Since we had Langar, we had a sumptuous spread of Biryani, Gravies, Russian Salad, Raita, Dahi Bhalla, Kulfi, etc. So everyone was pretty much full and satiated on those items and wouldn't really want to indulge more on those and since it was evening, I thought let me experiment little with Paneer and make a starter.
So boiled milk, made Cottage Cheese, mixed in the spices, Cashew and Raisins, now I was wondering if I should fry it or try to cook something light and low on calories. So took some bread, soaked it in water, squeezed out excess water and mixed it in the paneer mixture and bound it into a dough. Divided it into small portions and cooked it in a covered non-stick pan with just little oil drizzled over. Since I did not fry them, I did not need any coating.
So easy and quick and of course yummy ;)
All happy, me happy :)


1 litre milk
2 lemons
1 tsp salt or to taste
2 tsp red chilli powder
1 tsp jeera powder
1 tsp crushed anar dana 
1 tbsp chopped coriander
1 tbsp raisins
1 tbsp cashew
7-8 slices of bread
Nylon Sev for garnishing { optional , I had it at home so used it ;) }


Boil milk in a pan, once boiled, add lemon juice. It will curdle and turn into paneer. 
Drain out the excess water. The excess water is called Whey, its absolutely natural and best form of protein, you can always store it and have it either like this with some masala or add it in the flour for making roti's. Extremely healthy!

In a bowl, add paneer, add all the above ingredients, except sev. Mix it well, add moist bread and knead it into a dough. 
Divide it into 10-12 portions and make rounds, then shape them as you like.
Cook them covered in a non-stick on low. Drizzle some oil over it.
Make sure while turning them into other side, they don't break as they will be soft and tender.
After cooking on both sides, keep it in the pan for sometime, they will harden.
Place them on a plate, garnish with sev and serve hot.
Relish it ;)

Happy Cooking & Happy Eating



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