Friday, February 27, 2015

Health Benefits Of Honey

Honey, Honey is not only delicious but has plentiful health benefits. 

I have it daily with my morning dose of warm water and cinnamon and with Green Tea.

Few days back I was down with sever cold and a major sore throat, I had honey with cinnamon and turmeric powder which proved to be very soothing for my throat. 
I am going to write what to do when you get cold, all home remedies soon. Its easy to take a pill but the pill just gives temporary relief and does not cure the problem. But to truly get rid of the problem, you need to solve the problem from the root or else it will keep recurring and cause trouble and affect your health and productivity.

Will get back on this later, let's get back to honey!

  • Honey is excellent for your hair and skin and can be used in making masks to apply using all natural ingredients.

  • Honey is excellent to soothe the walls of the throat thus relieves cough.

  • Honey aids weight loss. Have it with warm water in the morning, you can add lemon juice or cinnamon or add both. This will help clear your system and increase your metabolism.

  • Honey helps strengthen muscles.

  • Having honey on a regular basis makes your skin glow.

  • Honey is useful in dealing with allergies and infections.

  • Honey heals wounds and is antiseptic.

  • Honey gives calcium.

  • Honey boosts memory.

So honey, have #honey and be #beautiful :)

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